Past programmes

Pilot programme

In August 2014, we ran a two day programme for 9 children. We went to At Bristol science museum to learn about how the brain develops, glimpsed the wonders of the universe in the Planetarium, and in the arts workshop at the

Beautiful planets made in an art workshop

Arnolfini gallery created our own colourful planets. At conservation park Wild Place we observed and recorded lemur behaviour from inside their enclosure, comparing lemur body language to that of humans. Finally the children challenged themselves on the Leap of Faith at Wild Place, climbing a 12 metre high wall to catch a view of the zebras from the top.


December 2014 programme

Ice skating
Ice Skating Fun
Our December programme took a group of 12 children from Fonthill and Badocks Wood primary schools on a packed programme. Activities included
a visit to At-Bristol and the planetarium, ice-skating, a workshop at the M Shed and a trip to Redpoint climbing centre! As well as visiting museums and taking part in activities that were new to many of them, the children were awarded stickers throughout the two days for practising the programme’s three success traits – curiosity, zest and perseverance.
Some lovely comments from the children were“the two days have been amazing”“I felt happy and proud when I built up my confidence”“it is like a dream come true”. 
This programme was made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Quartet Community Foundation. quartet logo

February 2015 Programme

Our February 2015 programme took a group of 12 to…

Feeding the chickens
  • Arnos Vale Cemetery for den building and stick whittling
  • Windmill Hill Farm for pizza making and time with the animals including walking pygmy goats!
  • Chinese New Year celebrations at Bristol Museum where we watched an amazing Lion dance
  • Canoeing on the harbour with Young Bristol

April 2015 programme

We were delighted to have received enough funding to take 48 children on our April 2015 programme which included

canoeing photo
Ready to take to the water
  • Exploring the lemur enclosure and other attractions at Wild Place
  • Testing our limits at the Leap of Faith
  • Learning all about the human brain and body at At Bristol
  • Canoeing on Bristol Harbour with Young Bristol

We had a wonderful two days on the programme; fears were faced and overcome, new experiences were explored and lots of fun was had.Stars were awarded for showing curiosity, perseverance, confidence, awareness of feelings and zest, and all the children went home with a certificate and a smile!Some wonderful comments from the children –“Overall it was the best thing ever”“It was perfect”

May 2015 Programme

Following on from the success of our April programme, in May 2015 we took 48 different children for two days of exciting enrichment activity.We had fun doing a lemur workshop and seeing all the animals at Wild Place, scaling the heights on the

‘Starfish’ from the top of the climbing wall!

Leap of Faith, exploring science at @Bristol and seeing the stars in the planetarium, and getting to grips with canoeing on Bristol harbour.

What the kids said…” I most liked…. Canoeing and @Bristol. I learnt lots. I’ve never done canoeing so was a once in a lifetime chance.”“I really enjoyed it and did things I’ve never done before”“I most liked… Leap of faith and canoeing because they were new and people were cheering me to give me confidence.”

Summer 2015 programme

Summer 2015 was our biggest programme to date!Over 2 weeks we took 96 children on 3 days of exciting activities, including:

Feeding the lorikeets
  • Bushraft activities in Leigh Woods
  • Exploring Bristol Museum and the Mshed
  • Bristol Zoo and Zooropia high ropes course
  • Wildlife photography!

Although we were slightly unlucky with the weather, everyone has a great time exploring and learning new things. We made dens and fires in the woods and we met new animals at the zoo and even stroked a snake!

They’ve been the greatest days of my life’
‘I haven’t been happier’

We also did a wildlife photography workshop and everyone was so impressed by the children’s amazing camera skills!

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Just a few beautiful examples – click on them to see them full size