2016 plans

Our key 2016 goals are:DSC_0250

  • To provide at least five days of enrichment activities to a minimum of 100 children
  • To identify how we will reduce unequal access to enrichment experiences.

We will do this through a new in depth programme.

We want to build on the success of our work to date. We have seen the progress which comes from multiple interventions which is why our 2016 programmes will work in depth with the same group of children over a sustained period (minimum 3 months). These programmes will include:

  • Holiday and term-time enrichment days with activities as before, and also including visits to venues that encourage aspiration and add to children’s knowledge about how the world works. For example businesses, local and national government offices and law courts.
  • A strengths challenge in every activity
  • Mentors who will meet regularly with the children to track their progress with the target strengths, and create personalised objectives.
  • Graduation at the end of the programme where school staff, volunteers and family members are invited to celebrate the children’s achievements.

A big thank you to all the generous donors who make our work possible.